Author Bio

Fletcher DeLancey grew up in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, hiking, cycling, and playing in the wild splendors of Oregon. She was a naturalist from the day she could walk, and her mother never knew what she’d bring home next. (The list includes snakes, crayfish, praying mantids, crickets, black widow spiders, fish, baby opossums, baby birds, hermit crabs, and of course cats.)

She combined her lifelong interest in science with a university degree in English to work in the marine education field, where she translated scientific jargon into layperson terms and helped to educate the public about the wonders of ocean life.

Fletcher lived on the Oregon coast for thirteen years, working first at a public aquarium and then for a university research program that focused on tracking great whales through their migrations. In the process she had opportunities most folks couldn’t pay for, such as playing with a giant Pacific octopus, petting a baby gray whale in the wild, and watching blue whales feed on krill while flying over the Sea of Cortez.

But she gave it all up, along with her family and friends, when she met a Portuguese woman and had to choose between home and heart. She chose heart.

She now lives with her wife and son in southern Portugal, where she writes full time, teaches Pilates, and continues to bring things home.