Discover the universe of Fletcher DeLancey’s Chronicles of Alsea book series! This website will introduce you to the richly imagined world of Alsea, where advanced technology coexists with ancient traditions, religion, and strict codes of honor. Once a warring culture, the Alseans long ago divided power among six castes—though caste inequality has never been eradicated, and only high empaths can rule.

For thousands of generations, Alseans have looked up at the sky and wondered whether they were alone in the universe. The answer comes crashing to the ground one night in the form of a giant spaceship, drawing the line between past and future in a single instant. This pivotal moment opens the first book in the series, The Caphenon.

Alsea—where the line between the past and future is drawn with shattering force in a single instant.

* * *

Strong Women, Strong Stories

Fletcher DeLancey writes the novels she wants to read—where women are smart and in charge. Her female characters are comfortable with power, whether it’s in a high-stakes political game or on the bridge of a spaceship. Featuring rich science fiction fantasy settings in the tradition of Tanya Huff and Elizabeth Bear, DeLancey has created a world where women and men are not limited by arbitrary gender roles. She specializes in vivid world building and crafting intelligent, intricate plots that pull you in and don’t let go. Her Chronicles of Alsea combine hard science fiction political intrigue with the emotionally complex character interactions of literary fiction. If you want to read quality, enlightened genre fiction, look no further, and take this opportunity for a glimpse behind the scenes of the series. Pore over the maps, watch the orbital scan of the planet, enjoy the beautiful concept art, or get to know the six Alsean castes. Most importantly though, read the books.